Write What You Love (a sneak peak at my new series)

Have you ever thought about something so much for so long, you worry that unless you put your thoughts into action, you might just go crazy?

Me too.

Those closest to me know that I have been dreaming of writing a series about Celtic Mythology ever since I moved to Ireland with my family at the age of 17. Something about that land, with its sweet air you drink into your body as you run barefoot through the lush hills of green, or the castle ruins that beckon you closer, and the culture that offers you a seat in the pub and fills you with hearty soup and a slice of warm, homemade bread. . .

I guess you could say I’m still as in love with Ireland now as I was then. And I’ve never let go of my dream to capture the tales of old – the legends of the god-like beings who ruled Ireland long ago – and create new stories that readers everywhere can enjoy.

This photo was taken by me while living near the western coast of Ireland.

Well, after years of dreaming, drafting notes, and waiting for the “perfect timing,” I’m here to tell you that the first book in a new series is coming out August 2017, and it’s all about these ancient Celtic Myths I’ve grown to adore. More specifically, this series is about the group of god-like war heroes who now dwell underneath modern day Ireland, in a land called the Otherworld. Their ancient name is the Tuatha de Danaan, but are often referred to today as the green people, good folk, faeries, or the Fae.

On their own, these beings could entertain any audience with their chariot racing, stag hunting, castle raiding adventures. But I decided to combine several legends into one (because why not) and include the tales of how the Fae have been known for centuries to lead mortals into the Otherworld. Sometimes they steal babies, sometimes they coax a young lover to follow them home, and sometimes a faerie with the best of intentions will bring a mortal into the Otherworld, even when that mortal wants nothing to do with magic, portals, and especially the Fae.

That is where my story begins. Roisín is a 17 year old mortal girl living in New England, who accidentally attracts the attention of a shadow faery. As she tries her best to ignore her new stalker with wings, she is forced to admit she is in over her head when the shadow faery snatches her little brother, Darren, and tries to fly away with him.

Roisín and Darren manage to escape, but only to be coerced into a sea voyage with another group of strange mythical creatures, who are captained by a coy and dangerously good looking faery named Cináed.

My watercolor painting depicting one of the scenes in The Festival of Trial and Ember.

Their adventure is only beginning, as they later set foot in Ireland and enter the Otherworld through an underground portal. Roisín will face a devilishly handsome would-be-king, a castle full of faeries who want her dead, and will undergo a series of perilous trials surrounding the Celtic midsummer festival in order to ensure that her and Darren can make it back home with their lives.

When I first posted this book on Wattpad last October, I called it Come Away, and centered the story on the festival of Hallow’s Eve (Halloween). But after some serious re-plotting, I decided that each book in the series will feature a different celtic festival, and that Book One will focus on the midsummer festival.

The first cover for the story, Come Away, originally posted on Wattpad.

Now this brings me to another decision I’ve been longing to share with you. When I redrafted Come Away, I also decided to change the book title to better encompass the theme of this series. So without further ado, Book One in The Faerie Festival Series is now titled The Festival of Trial and Ember.

*the people rejoice*

Phew! I feel like this story has been so long coming that even releasing the book’s official title is like a weight lifted from my chest. As I said in the beginning, I have wanted to share my own modern takes on ancient Celtic tales for years, and it feels pretty dang amazing to have finally reached this point in my writing journey.

So what’s next? Well, the writing and editing phases for The Festival of Trial and Ember are underway, along with a new book cover design I’ll reveal to you in June. For now, you can sign up for my author newsletter so you never miss an update about the book, and wait (somewhat) patiently with me for the release day in August.

Honesty moment here. . . I’m seriously so excited about this book that I might need to go on a walk or something to get the jitters out of my system. Or I could keep writing the manuscript. Yeah. That’s probably the better option.

Until release day, feel free to admire this picture of the Rock of Cashel in Ireland with me.

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2 thoughts on “Write What You Love (a sneak peak at my new series)”

  1. Angela J. Ford says:

    Oh. My. I am over the moon this new series sounds AMAZING and I’m so fascinated!!! I cannot cannot wait to start reading. Also, it makes me heart so happy I’ve been to both of the places in Ireland you pictured. There is something about the land there. It’s old and mysterious and full of stories. It just makes you want to write. I believe in the fae when I’m there. Haha. And I think they are coming to get me!

    1. Logan Miehl says:

      The excitement is sooooo real! And it makes me so happy to have a writer friend who shares in my love for Ireland too <3 We should go back soon and visit those places, and perhaps stop by and visit the faeries 😉

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