The Proper Care of Imagination (with thoughts on a new book cover)

Imagination and I have been through a lot together.

We get along most of the time – except when we’re convinced there’s something scary behind the shower curtain (Imagination has a bad habit of snatching onto a flicker of fear and turning it into a forest fire).

We grew up as best friends, Imagination and I, but as kids become adults, sometimes we drift away from our creativity. I traded my dream of writing for other opportunities that, at the time, seemed to make more sense. Or at least they seemed to be more responsible, making me feel like I was adulting with the best of them.

But after Imagination and I went through a dramatic, long-distance relationship, I decided to call her up and ask for forgiveness. My desire to write was screaming louder than anything else, and I was finally ready to listen. I became a full-time writer, with loyal Imagination by my side, and since then we’ve been constant companions. We rely on each other in order to create stories that readers will truly enjoy.

When left to our own devices for too long, however, things can get a little crazy. We forget about things like time management, structure, eating lunch, and instead we take off sprinting through the meadow of creativity like wild, runaway children.

Before we succumb to complete chaos, burn the rule book and gallop into the sunset on a unicorn, it’s important for me to take a step back and evaluate our situation.

Well, recently we were collaborating on a project and I realized a little too late that, despite her good intentions, Imagination has scribbled all over our idea board in a display of pure, creative vomit. I’ve lost sleep trying to make sense of the onslaught of ideas; trying to come up with a solid plan for what we were in the process of creating.

Needless to say, things are bit messy over here right now.

That’s why I’ve brought you here today.

All I’m asking is that you take a moment to tap into your own Imagination (hopefully it hasn’t wandered too far) and picture yourself picking up a book.

You notice that this book is a paranormal novel. More specifically, it’s about the ancient Celtic legend of Halloween (originally called Samhain) and a modern teenage girl who’s trying to survive the land of the Otherworld. A place where faeries rule and mortals drool.

Still with me? Great. If you pictured this book, what did the cover look like to you? Or more importantly, what emotions did that cover convey to you? If you drew a blank on this one, that’s alright. But if any thoughts came to mind, could you share them with me in the comments? It would make this writer oh so happy 🙂

(Yes, this is a real story that I’m working on. The first draft is currently under construction, and the final version will be released in ebook and *drumroll* PAPERBACK form later this year!)

Like I said before, we have some great thoughts for what this book cover needs to look like (and we have an incredible cover artist to work with once we get our ducks in a row), but I knew that reaching out to you for some extra inspiration could only help to make this cover that much better.

So if you have any thoughts to share, or if you think of any books you’ve read before (ideally either fantasy or paranormal books) that happen to have stunning cover designs, let me know in the comments below!

I’ll just be sitting here, listening to Imagination chatter on about 13 different ideas at once, and also trying to organize our extremely crowded (but beautiful) idea board.

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