Logan’s Monthly Tea Tasting

Where tea & bookish lovers unite. . .

Hello and welcome to Logan’s Monthly Tea Tasting – a subscription for the thoughtful creatives, the brave explorers, and the book-loving souls of the world.

I’ve partnered with Alma Naturals, a beloved and trusted brand from my home state in Idaho, to bring to you the perfectly packaged combination of all things tea & books.

This bundle of monthly goodies is perfect for…

The newbie tea drinker. Each month, a handpicked tea you can trust will be delivered to your doorstep. All of the instructions and details you need for the perfect cup of tea are included in your subscription – so enjoy the cozy act of brewing and sipping your tea without wondering what tea flavors are best or how to make your tea taste just right.

♥ The established tea lover. With the assurance of quality ingredients, know that every batch of organic tea is carefully made and selected for your enjoyment. Each month’s tea will reflect that season, and you will be inspired to use your tea-making ritual to better connect with where you are in that present moment.

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Each month’s flavor will amount to 10-15 servings of tea.

Continue reading for a preview of what to expect in your first month!

What’s included in your subscription

Quality & seasonal tea blends

Enjoy flavors like strawberry and coconut green, to orange spice rooibos, each chosen especially to help us connect with the seasons of the year. Winter invites hot, cozy blends, while Summer brings fruity, floral flavors best served iced.

Tea blends will vary from herbal, to black, to oolong, but the assurance of high quality and delicious taste is yours to cherish every single month.


Free tea infuser ball

Included in your first month’s subscription, you will receive a free stainless steel tea infuser ball.

You will also be sent instructions on how to make your tea, with a list of the different ways to enjoy each flavor. Each month’s flavor will amount to 10-15 servings of tea.



Handcrafted & Printed Love letter

Along with each thoughtfully chosen tea flavor, every month you will receive a physical, one-page newsletter from me with personal writings, inspiring quotes and passages, and loving invitations for you as you move through each part of your journey.

Join me as I continue discovering what it means to live an authentic and conscientious life. Each month, I’ll dive into how you can gain the most from these internal and external seasons.

This newsletter is the perfect little message to read while enjoying your tea of the month.

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Use referral code LOGANR6 for 20% off your first order.

What to look for in future months

In the months to come, you can expect to see a varying combination of the following treasures & treats included in your subscription:

Bookish love

Receive exclusive discount codes to my books!

Your name will also be entered to win free books (from me and other authors I admire) in special giveaways just for my tea-sippin’ club members right here. *waves to you*

I’ll also share occasional sneak peaks at upcoming book releases, like book two in the Faerie Festival Series (coming early 2019!).


As a subscriber, your name will be entered to win an occasional prize from Alma Naturals. Think yummy bath bombs, soaps, lotions, essential oil samplers, and other quality organic products.

my favorite Things

Each month I’ll mention some of the things I’m currently loving. Think best yoga workouts, foods, meditations, people to follow who inspire me, great causes and events to take part in, and what I’m reading, watching, and listening to when I’m not writing novels.

Celtic Wisdom

As I continue to deepen my knowledge of Celtic studies (the greatest inspiration for all of my books), I’ll share with you the practices & stories that most inspire me – pulled from ancient legends and modern texts. I’ll also include occasional artwork, poems, and other insights from me in regards to my studies.

Earn long-term benefits

Through the hosting site that we’re using bring this subscription to you, you can earn royalties that could grow to pay for your subscription and even earn you some cash on top, simply by referring anyone to subscribe to Logan’s Monthly Tea Tasting.

*You do not have to participate in this royalty option. Those interested will receive more details in upcoming emails.

Use referral code LOGANR6 for 20% off your first order.

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Questions about Logan’s Monthly Tea Tasting? Contact me directly at logan@loganmiehl.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.