Róisín’s Tea Giveaway

It’s time for a bookish giveaway of epic proportions!

Those who know me might also know my thing for teas. So I decided to partner with Alma Naturals in order to bring a scene from The Festival of Trial and Ember to life.

Presenting, Róisín’s Tea: Made with organic Yerba maté, cocoa nibs, rose petals, and lavender buds.

A.k.a: Perfection in a cup. 🙂

Exclusive Yerba Mate tea, as seen in The Festival of Trail and Ember.


Each bag contains 2 oz of tea. I’m giving away 15 bags of tea. Names will be drawn at random after the giveaway closes at 12PM (EST) on September 30th.

I trust we can play nicely, but as a some basic rules of courtesy: We ( Alma Naturals and I) are NOT responsible for any issues or complaints you have with the tea, other than if the bag has been damaged in delivery. If this happens, we will need proof of damage and will resend a package of tea to you. NO refunds.


To place multiple entries into the giveaway, you can share images and links about The Festival of Trial and Ember, on any social platform, anytime between now and September 30th @ 12PM (EST).

Each post equals one extra entry in the giveaway. 1 post = 1 entry

Tag my name (Logan Miehl) or use the hashtag #TFOTAE to make sure that I see your post. If I don’t like the post by the 30th and you think I’ve missed it, please email me at logan@loganmiehl.com. Or if you’ll be sharing posts on any social platform other than Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter – the platforms I’ll be checking – please also send an email and let me know how many times you posted and where.

You can also earn extra entries by purchasing a copy of The Festival of Trial and Ember between now and September 30th (at midnight).

1 ebook copy = 3 entries

1 paperback copy = 5 entries

Please send me a screenshot or copy of receipt to logan@loganmiehl.com for proof of purchase.

Feel free to use these images/links for posting!

Link to TFOTAE book page (on my website): www.loganmiehl.com/books

Links to purchase TFOTAE on Amazon: (if you need links to other regions, send me an email!)

US (both ebook and paperback): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074YLRDYX

UK (only ebook): https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074YLRDYX

(To all my friends outside the US, I’m sorry to say that I won’t have paperbacks available to you until later this week. I’m working to make this happen before the giveaway ends on Saturday, and I’ll be posting about it if I can make it happen. Thanks for your patience!).

You can save these images to your device, copy and paste into a post, or however you choose to use them. (Again if you run into trouble, please email me: logan@loganmiehl.com. I can send you the downloads of any images straight to your email if you prefer).

Thank you for your support! The Festival of Trial and Ember could not exist without my amazing readers. You rock, friend. 🙂

Exclusive Yerba Mate tea, as seen in The Festival of Trail and Ember.