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Logan Miehl

Book Box (WOODLAND SOAP Edition)

Book Box (WOODLAND SOAP Edition)

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This box is for you if... You live in a willow tree and bathe in a woodland stream.

Finnabair's Woodland Soap is a natural handmade soap bar, featuring earthy, floral, and woodsy scents, as well as flower petals, goat's milk, and nourishing clay. Enjoy an immersive, magical experience while you cozy up with your new book this winter season.

The Festival of Glamour and Smoke WOODLAND SOAP book box includes:

- Signed Paperback of Glamour and Smoke

- Finnabair's Woodland Soap

- Customized Pre-Order content (made special for each purchase, created personally by Logan Miehl)

- Exclusive Bonus content (extra Glamour and Smoke content that won't be available on any other retail site!)

The Festival of Glamour and Smoke is available for PRE-ORDER and is set to launch in January 2023! Find more info under the Book Box FAQs tab below.

Book Box FAQs

Can you read Glamour and Smoke before reading the Faerie Festival Trilogy?

Yes! There are no important spoilers within Glamour and Smoke, so you are welcome to begin reading the Faerie Festival Series with Glamour and Smoke!

How do you shop for a book box?

Option 1: Click on the pre-made boxes to discover the curated experience waiting inside each EDITION!

Option 2: Customize your own box! The ADD ON products are available to be added on to a pre-made box of your choosing.

Important Note! The products from L's Oilery CANNOT be purchased on this website as stand-alone items. They must be purchased as add-ons to a book box.

Do book boxes ship internationally?

No, only within the US.

Can you add another book to your book box order?

Yes! If you purchase a separate copy of any book with your box, we will package them together in the same order unless otherwise specified in your order comments.

Gift Options

Would you like this order to be gifted to a friend? Please include a note in checkout with “A Gift For” and the name of the person who will receive the order, and I will sign the book(s) to them.


Autographed books typically ship in 2-3 business days. Book boxes typically ship in 5-10 business days. Delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on holidays and distance. If you pre-ordered a book, your entire order will ship once the pre-ordered book is available.

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