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After narrowly escaping the Otherworld, Róisín is determined to reclaim control over her life. But despite her efforts to ignore her shadowed past—and her supposed faerie blood—she soon discovers that the fae are far from finished with her.

Pursued by mysterious attacks, Róisín must navigate the treacherous lines between friend and enemy, and learn what it means to trust.

The Festival of Vision and Fire is the second book in the compelling new Faerie Festival Series. There are deceptions to vanquish, allegiances to form, and an unraveling Kingdom to save. The Celtic winter festival of Imbolc has begun.

Logan does it again in the second book of her Faerie Festival Series. I couldn’t put this book down. Not only is it well written, it brings you back to the Otherworld with open arms. I recommend this book to anyone who loves the fae, fantasy tales, and to anyone who’s just looking for a great read.

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