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A dangerous summer festival. A throne left empty. A forgotten world of faeries in a time of shadow and treason.
The Festival of Trial and Ember

Róisín, 17-years-old, is biding her time till graduation. When the shadows around her come to life, she realizes no one else can see these strange creatures except her and her brother.

Desperate for answers, she embarks on a journey into the Otherworld—a land beneath Ireland where faeries live as the descendants of ancient Celtic gods. As Róisín struggles to survive, she discovers her decisions could alter the fate of an entire Kingdom.

The Festival of Trial and Ember is the first book in the compelling new Faerie Festival Series. There are games to win, promises to break, and hearts to conquer. The Celtic summer festival of Lughnasa has begun.



Thanks to my friend, Azariah, we have an audible pronunciation guide of the book characters. I’ve also put together a free book soundtrack. Click here to find both. Enjoy!

Also, I partnered with one of my favorite shops, Alma Naturals, to create a unique reader experience. For a limited time, you can order an exclusive bag of Róisín’s Tea, an organic blend that brings a scene from The Festival of Trial and Ember to life.

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Róisín’s Tea: Yerba maté, cocoa nibs, rose petals, and lavender buds.


Discover adventure, magic, and clean romance in An Unlikely Bride, now available as a free Ebook when you sign up for my bi-monthly fantasy newsletter here!

An Unlikely Bride - No one can hide a secret forever.
An Unlikely Bride – No one can hide a secret forever.

Everyone knows that Kalinda only agreed to marry Prince Egil because the union was decreed at her birth. Not only is Egil from a depressing and faraway kingdom, but he makes his hatred towards her undeniably clear after their first greeting. 

So when Egil is murdered the night before the wedding, all eyes turn to Kalinda in accusation. Now the kingdoms are either fighting to provide her refuge, or destroy her completely. But as Kalinda flees to escape with her life, she discovers that she is not the only one who’s keeping secrets. 

An Unlikely Bride is the tale of a fiery princess and her journey to unearth the past. Will she run from the truth, or will she become the heroine her people need, no matter how unlikely?